Top 10 Youtubers Using Machine Learning and AI​

Top 10 Youtubers Using Machine Learning and AI​

Check out these top 10 YouTube channels using artificial intelligence to either inform their subscribers, simulate generational behaviors, and play games. 

We have compiled a list of the top 10 YouTube channels using AI to create thought provoking and fun content. YouTube is a great place to learn and see how others are using artificial intelligence. Luckily, there is a ton of great data science content out there. To create this list, we reached out to our team to see what channels they’ve enjoyed watching in their own experience as budding data scientists. 

We decided to rank our content creators on the number of their subscribers, in order, and we have added short descriptions about their content, as well as the goal of their channel. 

  1. Code Bullet – 2.52M subscribers 
    1. Code Bullet replicates classic games and lets AI learn how to play them. He traces the generational development of AI in games like Tetris, Snake, Creature Creator, and more. His content allows users to understand complex AI implementations through an iterative approach and his content offers an intuitive soft introduction into the complexity of machine learning and AI. 
  2. Eureka – 2.52M subscribers
    1. Eureka is a massively useful channel for people trying to penetrate and understand the data science industry. They survey emerging technologies, languages, and the industry as a whole to give their subscribers a snapshot of conventional analytical programming. Additionally, they offer thorough python, data science, machine learning, and deep learning courses that can turn anyone into a capable data scientist. 
  3. Sentdex – 1.02M subscribers
    1. Sendex teaches data science techniques through a more hands on approach within a more cockpit view. His content teaches his audience how to code through actual application. He places the viewer over his shoulder and he dynamically writes code and explains every line. Watching his content is more aligned with paired programming and he holds the viewer’s hand through complex algorithms.
  4. Joma Tech – 987K Subscribers
    1. From music to listen to while you code to vlogs, Joma Tech has it all. He gives new data scientists tips on how to break into the industry through his own experience at large IoT companies in a fun and informative manner. Joma Tech grants his viewers an insider view of the industry and he supports his audience with realistic advice. Additionally, Joma Tech interviews his peers and creates more fun content that budding data scientists can relate to. Joma Tech creates content for everyone and his diversity in content creates a relatable content for any level of programmer. 
  5. Simplilearn – 977K subscribers
    1. Simplilearn is primarily career oriented and they serve as a support learning platform for their viewers. They have a plethora of content encompassing full 10-hour length programming courses, industry surveys, quick conceptual videos. Simplilearn leverages animation to bridge the gap between the complexity of data science and easily digestible content. For anyone looking to upskill their coding stack or deepen their breadth of data science, Simplilearn is the place. 
  6. Two Minute Papers – 934K subscribers
    1. With a more scientific approach to what machine learning and AI can actually do, Two Minute Papers creates interesting end to end content – with a clear thesis and dynamic discussion. Two Minute Papers uses AI to simulate a multitude of environments and he iteratively follows generational behaviors of AI. His simulations are largely physics oriented and he also tests the capabilities of AI in motion graphics. 
  7. Corey Schafer – 749K subscribers
    1. Corey Schafer offers tutorials and walkthroughs for software developers, programmers and engineers. Corey’s content is much more computer science oriented, encompassing tutorials for Python, Git, SQL, JavaScript, and general computer science fundamentals, offering IDE walkthroughs in complex applications for programmers at any skill level. 
  8. Tech With Tim – 614K subscribers
    1. With a focus on Python and JavaScript, Tech with Tim creates tutorials for beginners and veteran programmers. Tim tutorials range from machine learning, AI, python modules, and web development and he urges his audience to upgrade their resumes with interesting projects. Additionally, Tim offers insights on how to become a better programmer for any skill level of coders.  
  9. Stat Quest – 464K subscribers
    1. StatQuest is a great place to begin to understand the mathematical mechanism driving machine learning and statistics. Josh Starmer’s channel description states it best: “StatQuest breaks down complicated Statistics and Machine Learning methods into small, bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand. StatQuest doesn’t dumb down the material, instead, it builds you up so that you are smarter and have a better understanding of Statistics and Machine Learning.”
  10. Ken Jee – 132K subscribers
    1. Playing off his passion for sports analytics, Ken Jee offers insights into his professional background and his passions. His content encompasses advice to up and coming data scientists, kaggle projects, and personal stories. Ken Jee imparts his passion into his content and it’s extremely evident in his videos. 

Please check out these great content creators! There’s a little bit of everything for anyone looking for an easy introduction in machine learning, AI, and data science focused programming, these channels can greatly help you penetrate the analytics world!

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