Our Mission

We believe that the many of the toughest problems facing society today can be solved by AI. As such, we are building a community of thought leaders with a passion for data science to discuss, learn and network about the most relevant data challenges and opportunities. We are a vibrant community made up of data scientists, architects, engineers and data enthusiasts.


Data Savvy

$ 3-5k Monthly
  • Podcast Production
  • Launch package
  • Audio editing
  • Headline recommendations
  • Episode graphics
  • Experienced Hosts


$ 6-15k Monthly
  • Podcast Production and Advise on Meeting Generation
  • Everything in data savvy plus we will produce
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Weekly LinkedIn posts
  • YouTube video
  • We also:
  • Work closely with you to build out your target list
  • Teach your team how to automate the lead generation process
  • Advise your client on LinkedIn best practices for inviting guests
  • Provide weekly coaching


$ 16k+ Monthly
  • Podcast Production, Meeting Generation, and Content Development
  • Everything in Savvier plus:
  • We build out the targeted lists for you
  • We book guests onto your calendar (no more work for you!)
  • Build out lead funnel for moving those guests to customers
  • Provide best practices for content distribution

Join The Data Standard on a podcast

To join The Data Standard on a podcast, please indicate your interest here.

Be a Guest

On the Data Standard Audio Experience Podcast sponsored by Pandio.
Our guests have shared their incredible stories with our community. Here are just a few podcasts that are featured on our website along with Spotify and Youtube. Sharing your story through a podcast costs nothing and is a great way to expand your reach!

To sign up to be a guest or to nominate someone for a podcast, please contact The Data Standard 

Listen to more Data Science Community podcasts and listen to our full catalog of Data Science Videos and Podcasts.

Be a Star

Let us produce your podcast! Employee generated content is the new norm. Check out what we are doing with Microsoft and IBM. Our content team can produce your shows. Options can include guest selection and recruitment, podcast hosting, production, content brainstorming, distribution, and much more. For examples, watch recent IBM Data Science videos recently produced for IBM.

Options starting at $3,000. Reach out directly for more information here.

Drive Meetings with Senior Data Professionals

With over 13,000 members (and growing) in our community we can help drive new partnerships, beta customers, focus groups and new recruits. The Data Standard works closely with business development teams to provide direct access to decision makers who are interested in hearing about new technologies and innovations across the data science space.
Our community relations team will book 5-10 (or more) zoom meetings per month. This is a great way to meet with our community and to showcase the solutions your company is bringing to the market. You will also be featured in our weekly newsletter and highlighted during select podcasts (we are filming 100+ podcasts per month).

Industries include:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Consulting
  • AdTech
  • Oil/Gas
  • Technology
  • High Growth AI / ML

Pricing starts at $6,000 per month. Reach out directly for more information here.

Meet in Person

When in person events are a thing again we plan to launch events in San Diego and Miami.
The Data Standard is planning to host a live networking event in San Diego in February of 2022. Let us know if you would like to be added to the waiting list!