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What is the use of natural language processing in industry? with Sinan Ozdemir
Sinan Ozdemir, Director of Data Science at Directly sits down with TDS to discuss the use of NLP in industry.

Episode Summary

We don’t often think about how easy it is for humans to understand language. In everyday conversation, we convey meaning without considering how our brains translate so much unstructured data into useful information. For machines, however, understanding human speech and language is very hard. Natural language processing, or NLP, is a field concerned with enabling machines to understand human language. In this episode, guest Sinan Ozdemir sits down with TDS to discuss the use of natural language processing in the industry. We focus on how to design and implement conversational AI algorithms, how to successfully integrate them, the hard and soft skills you need for a career in natural language processing, and more!

Meet The Host

Praveen Ravisankar

Podcast Host at The Data Standard

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Meet The Guest

Sinan Ozdemir

Director of Data Science at Directly

Sinan Ozdemir is currently the Director of Data Science at Directly, managing the AI and machine learning models that power the company’s intelligent customer support platform. Sinan is a former lecturer of Data Science at Johns Hopkins University and the author of multiple textbooks on data science and machine learning. Additionally, he is the founder of the recently acquired, an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform with RPA capabilities. He holds a Master’s Degree in Pure Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University and is based in San Francisco, CA.