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Use of data in marketing with Ashley Stryker
Ashley Stryker, Marketing Director at AC-Health sits down with TDS to discuss the use of data in marketing.

Episode Summary

Big data gives us eyes and ears into our marketing initiatives. It captures insights into our prospects and customers at a level of detail never before possible. We can respond to real-time audience actions and drive customer behavior at the moment. Big data is transforming marketing and sales in ways that were unachievable just a few years ago.  Placing an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine may be a great way to raise awareness of your brand, but can you prove the effectiveness of that advertising spend? In the past, very few marketers have been able to tie offline activities to revenue, but with developments in data-driven marketing attribution, they’re making vast leaps forward. This means that decisions no longer have to be guided by speculation and assumptions, but rather by hard facts – highlighting the importance of big data in marketing. With data-driven marketing campaigns, you are able to more effectively communicate the importance of marketing to the company by tying specific campaigns to tangible business results.

Meet The Host

Praveen Ravisankar

Podcast Host at The Data Standard

I believe that I can make a difference right now through research and innovation.

Meet The Guest

Ashley Stryker

Marketing Director at AC-Health

I entice enthusiastic, eager clients through relevant, compelling content marketing and empathetic messaging that dives beneath your superficial selling points to their deeper, unspoken needs driving them toward your solution.