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The use of data in the equipment industry with Steve Smith
Steve Smith, President, Owner; Mobile, Technology at EquipmentFX, sits down with TDS to discuss the role of data in marketing for the equipment industry.

Episode Summary

How can you drive interest and revenue for a business in the equipment segment? Businesses in this realm work in competitive, business-to-business focused segments where generating leads and closing sales requires overcoming much greater inertia.

Equipment marketing and advertising strategies then have to be effective enough to reduce the time/budget cost of conversion.

If your company sells construction equipment, heavy machinery, or industrial supplies then understanding the role of digital marketing is crucial to being able to grow. Digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, paid advertising, email outreach, and content optimization are crucial to growing brand recognition and capturing new leads.

Growing revenue is important to organizations throughout the world, yet there are infinite ways to achieve this elusive goal. Whether you’re focused on attracting more customers or increasing the lifetime value of your customers, marketing is a vital component of your business operations – while also being one of the most contentious.

Executive leadership may look to marketing as one of the first places to cut in difficult times, while other technology leaders may not fully understand the value that marketing brings to the organization. With data-driven marketing campaigns, you are able to more effectively communicate the importance of marketing to the company by tying specific campaigns to tangible business results.

Meet The Host

Praveen Ravisankar

Podcast Host at The Data Standard

I believe that I can make a difference right now through research and innovation.

Meet The Guest

Steve Smith

President, Owner; Mobile, Technology at EquipmentFX

I am a seasoned product technologist, executive, leader and strategist with equipment in my blood. Over the years through continuous learning and application, I have morphed my agency over the last 13 years into a unique product solutions company that crosses boundaries of mobile, cloud & 2 sided platform marketplaces. As Principal of EquipmentFX, I have created a digital agency that can solve any of today’s digital challenges. I’ve worn many hats in my career – dealer operations, dealer principal, marketer, internet renegade, researcher, strategist, and mobile developer. As a result, I have a unique ability to manage large, complex projects and bring unique insights to any company or leader looking to own their digital future.