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The missing piece for autonomous driving with Sam Anthony
Sam Anthony, Co-founder and CTO of Perceptive Automata sits down with TDS to discuss the missing piece for autonomous driving.

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk with Sam Anthony, the CTO, and co-founder of Perceptive Automata, a company that makes software to help autonomous vehicles understand human behavior. We discuss the missing piece for autonomous driving, why it is such a hard problem for autonomous vehicles to understand human intention and behavior, safety standards and testing for autonomous vehicles, Perceptive Automata’s business, how Perceptive Automata’s software works in ADAS and AV systems, how the algorithms are trained, and the state of autonomous vehicle development.

Meet The Host

Gideon Rubin

CEO - Founder at Pandio

Gideon is the CEO of Pandio, a leading technology company that provides AI connectivity for data driven decision making. In this role he is focused on helping large scale enterprises and startups looking to adopt Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and solve data problems to help drive growth and new product development. Prior to Pandio, Gideon founded Local Data Exchange and served as Chief Strategy Officer for NavAds, a global map and navigation data provider. He was also CRO/CMO for a local search marketing company Local Market Launch, marketing automation for SMBs. Gideon was CEO of Simply Ideas a marketing software company focused on SEO lead generation. He was also a partner and founder at MicroGravity Media, an organic search marketing software company and a principal at Proper Hosting, a green hosting company, and several highly regarded social media ventures, including and Gideon's ventures have been selected by and The Launch Pad.

Meet The Guest

Sam Anthony

Co-founder and CTO of Perceptive Automata

My work leverages sophisticated online behavioral testing to transform the training of supervised learning algorithms. I am currently applying my expertise to the problem of how we make AI that works right in a world full of people.