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The ecosystem of data with Abhi Sharma
Abhi Sharma, Senior Business Director at Capital One sits down with TDS to discuss the ecosystem of data.

Episode Summary

These days it’s a given that data needs to flow between systems, teams and partners in order to deliver digital customer experiences and drive competitive insights – but very few companies take a strategic approach to govern these data flows across their business ecosystems. In this episode, guest Abhi Sharma sits down with TDS to discuss the ecosystem of data.

Meet The Host

Shayna Weldon

Podcast Host at The Data Standard

I aspire to broadcast content that carries my curiosity for the world and captivates an audience. I was driven to engineering by my passion for problem-solving, but I realized that while I enjoy the challenge of analytical work, I belong in an industry focused on relationships. I want to connect industry leaders, teachers, and athletes that make our world so unique and present their insight to the public. I have a natural inclination to reach out to people and hear their stories and I will exploit this desire for the rest of my life.

Meet The Guest

Abhi Sharma

Senior Business Director at Capital One

I’m Abhi, and I am a seasoned leader with an extensive background in the financial industry. I am currently a Senior Business Director at Capital One, where I lead the Data Products team which drives the data ecosystem for the Capital One’s Credit Card division. My superpower is creating and executing bold and long-term business strategies. I thrive on leading my teams to drive these strategies forward to drive large business value in terms of productivity and growth. I have a proven track record for creativity and problem solving with 3 published patents and 2 patents pending. I’m always looking to innovate and planning three steps ahead.