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Data Standard Audio Experience with Laura Edell, Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft in the AI sustainability Practice
Host Darren Kaplan sits down with Laura Edell to discuss AI Sustainability and how to use AI for the betterment of a community and augment it with social outcomes.

Episode Summary

AI has penetrated almost every tech-driven vertical there is. While the adoption rates of AI were spiking all over, a new idea emerged – the concept of sustainability and ethical AI. 

Data science has many use cases. However, it can be used for bad things just as it can be used to do good. Every bit of data has the capacity to tell a story. Is it up to data scientists to enable the data to tell the right story? What happens if data is presented in the wrong way? This brings us to the ethical use of AI.

Data can help businesses, but it can also affect individuals. It has the power to influence people’s lives. Fortunately, there are two sides to every story. So, if AI and data can negatively affect people, they can also be used to better the community.

The other challenge with AI is AI sustainability. Can AI help companies across industries achieve zero-carbon footprint?

Do you want to find more about AI sustainability and responsible and ethical AI?

Tune in with Darren Kaplan and Laura Edell and discover what one of the world’s leading data scientists has to say about these intriguing topics.

Meet The Host

Darren Kaplan

Co-Founder & Board Member of HiQ Labs

Darren Kaplan is 2x Founder and recognized as one of the Top 20 Data Science Influencers in 2020. Darren is the co-creator of The Data Standard, the premier networking user-community for data-science, data engineers, and cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Meet The Guest

Laura Edell

Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft

Laura Eddel is a data scientist neck-deep in math-driven tech. She started her career in Expedia, then worked for Apple on the Siri Generation One project. Today, she works for Microsoft and specializes in defining AI’s ethical use, focusing on predicting outcomes and reinforcing learning.