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The Data Standard Audio Experience with Sandor Ginsburg from Beam Dental
Sandor Ginsburg, a senior data analyst at Beam Dental, joins The Data Standard to talk about data visualization

Episode Summary

“Visualization is a game of decisions.” In this episode, Catherine chats with senior data analyst Sandor Ginsburg.

Meet The Host

Catherine Tao

Data scientist at The Data Standard

Catherine Tao is a tech enthusiast looking for new methods for building connections with businesses around the world. Her extensive knowledge of data science allowed her to develop new solutions and implement them into existing ecosystems. She is currently working as a Data scientist and Exclusive Podcast Producer at The Data Standard.

Meet The Guest

Sandor Ginsburg

Senior Data Analyst at Beam Dental

Sandor is a 2018 winner of the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club's 25 Under 35 Movers and Shakers award for his work professionally and in the community. Sandor is a data analyst with experience in a variety of fields, including healthcare, finance, HR, insurance, housing, energy, and politics. Sandor is proficient in a variety of analytics tools, including the Microsoft Office Suite, Cognos, SQL, Tableau, SPSS, Oracle BI, and Python.