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Ways data science is used in healthcare? with Neeta Upadhyay at CareSource
Neeta Upadhyay, Director, Predictive Analytics & Data Science at CareSource, joins The Data Standard to discuss about path into data science and ways data science is used in healthcare.

Episode Summary

In this Data Standard Audio Experience episode, we focus on how data science can help advance the healthcare industry. Billions of people can benefit when a more focused integration happens. Start tuning in to know more!

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning can surely provide the needed solutions for the healthcare industry. These emerging technologies have already proven their value and have defined industries like communications, banking, retail, etc.

So, today, we discuss how data science can change the healthcare industry for the better. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a different sector since there will be a thing or two that you can take from this episode and apply to your career. This also broadens your horizons and serves as a good starter if you want to jump into the data science and healthcare industries.

Meet The Host

Catherine Tao

Data scientist at The Data Standard

Catherine Tao is a tech enthusiast looking for new methods for building connections with businesses around the world. Her extensive knowledge of data science allowed her to develop new solutions and implement them into existing ecosystems. She is currently working as a Data scientist and Exclusive Podcast Producer at The Data Standard.

Meet The Guest

Neeta Upadhyay

Director, Predictive Analytics & Data Science at CareSource

I am a Data Science product enthusiast with a passion to solve complex business problems using technology and a bias for action. A Chicago Booth alum and a big believer of using data to make informed decisions, I have a proven track record of creating high-performing teams ground up. I am a fearless hands-on leader with expertise in designing highly scalable solution with a customer focused approach. In my career, I have worn many hats with a focus on making data driven decisions.