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The Data Standard Audio Experience with Mekki El Boushi from Planet Bingo
Perspective shift on the power of AI? with Mekki El Boushi at Planet Bingo

Episode Summary

In this episode, guest Mekki El Boushi sits down with The Data Standard to discuss how his perspective has shifted on the power of AI as well as the hurdles that he has experienced and anticipates seeing with AI.

Meet The Host

Matthew Rall

VP, Strategy and Business Development at Pandio

Results-oriented executive with a strong track record of performance both as a strategic thinker and operator. Skilled in Corporate Development, Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Marketing Strategy.

Meet The Guest

Mekki El Boushi

Chief Technology Officer at Planet Bingo

As the CTO, I am leading a re-structuring to pivot the company to a new business model that is lean and responsive to the new world realities. Leveraging technology with my 7 steps that translate business realities to business growth will be our foundation. My career started at NASA as a Physicist where on one of the many exciting projects I had the privilege of working on, I was chosen to create the first-ever true Martian calendar. Here was where I first started seeing the world where the parts of technology created a whole potential. When I transitioned to the private sector I found that being a CTO was the role in which I could continue to see and leverage that world. That meant I could view all the different aspects of a business and tie them together in a synergistic pattern to help companies grow successfully. I like to not only just look at each thing, but also all things to make up a whole. So I approach it from both the microscopic and telescopic view.This broad view of the connection between technology and business growth is the basis of my unique 7-step formula that has been proven to help great companies achieve real growth through technology transformation.