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Data governance? with Mahesh Nair at Moody’s Investors Service
Mahesh Nair, Senior Vice President at Moodys Investors Service, joins The Data Standard to discuss data governance within the United States.

Episode Summary

Will the United States, the largest economy in the world, enact national privacy and data protection and data governance legislation? Or will privacy regulation be left to the 50 states and other countries. The borderless nature of the Internet seems to call for uniform legislation, but enactment is uncertain. All organizations need to plan how they use data so that its handled consistently throughout the business, to support business outcomes. This means that organizations who successfully do this consider the who what how when where and why of data to not only ensure security and compliance but to extract value from all the information collected and stored across the business improving business performance. Its all about how you handle the data collected within your business. Defining an effective data governance strategy can be a major obstacle for many organizations. In todays episode, we examine the primary challenges of data governance and delve into common misconceptions about the process. Then, we explore why proactively implementing a data governance tool is so essential to your organization.