The Data Standard

Complexities of managing a data science organization? with George Bezerra at Frontdoor
George Bezerra, VP of Data Science at Frontdoor, Inc., joins The Data Standard to discuss the complexities of managing a data science organization.

Episode Summary

Most organizations, enabled by massive increase in the amount and variety of data, are already using data science to understand their business performance and make operational decisions. Some organizations are just getting started with data science, while others have made significant investments and have data science teams spread across global business units. The challenge remains, regardless of your organization’s maturity, how to best structure and manage data science teams so they can scale to meet the growing demands of your organization.

This podcast is about what George learned about the process of building up and managing a data science team.

Meet The Host

Matthew Rall

VP, Strategy and Business Development at Pandio

Results-oriented executive with a strong track record of performance both as a strategic thinker and operator. Skilled in Corporate Development, Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Marketing Strategy.

Meet The Guest

George Bezerra

VP of Data Science at Frontdoor, Inc.

I'm a strategic data executive with expertise in Machine Learning and Data Science, known for delivering projects quickly and driving business impact. I'm a strong collaborator, with ability to establish relationships with key decision makers and effectively influence and communicate cross-functionally. I have a track record of building and scaling high-performing teams and navigating the challenges of a fast-growing, dynamic organization. With a passion for learning and personal growth, I'm always trying to improve on the status quo and looking for tough problems to solve.