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The evolution of data tools? with Craig Utley at Yellowfin BI
Craig Utley, Sales Engineer Manager at Yellowfin BI, joins The Data Standard to discuss the evolution of data tools.

Episode Summary

The evolution of data tools presents an opportunity for functions outside of engineering to get applications that help them make better, faster decisions. In this episode, guest Craig Utley sits down with The Data Standard to discuss the evolution of data tools.

Meet The Host

Catherine Tao

Data scientist at The Data Standard

Catherine Tao is a tech enthusiast looking for new methods for building connections with businesses around the world. Her extensive knowledge of data science allowed her to develop new solutions and implement them into existing ecosystems. She is currently working as a Data scientist and Exclusive Podcast Producer at The Data Standard.

Meet The Guest

Craig Utley

Sales Engineer Manager at Yellowfin BI

Highly accomplished executive Information Technology leader with 25 years of progressive experience with a proven track record of leading large teams and multimillion-dollar budgets while delivering high-value solutions that are delivered on time and on budget. Serve as the key executive for information services with responsibility for leading the short- and long-term strategic direction of the IT department. Known for a broad skillset required to work with stakeholders to develop the value proposition of technology solutions and align IT with strategic business objectives, and developing a high-performing team of competent, business-focused employees.