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Optimizing insurance in covid times? with Connan Snider at Just Auto Insurance
Connan Snider, Head of Data Science at Just Auto Insurance, joins The Data Standard to discuss about optimizing insurance in covid times.

Episode Summary

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry around the globe, but perhaps few as much as the property & casualty insurance industry. From an incredible increase in claims payouts to fears that the economic slowdown will result in customer loss, the industry is struggling to overcome multiple challenges while continuing to meet the current and future needs of its customers.

The insurance industry’s biggest and most valuable resource is the data that insurance companies have collected over the years on everything from weather risk to consumer behavior. Insurers had only just begun to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) into processing this data before the pandemic erupted.

Now, new pressures are making it even harder for larger insurers to keep pace, and even more difficult for midsize and smaller insurers to adopt AI/ML technologies because of long development timelines and traditionally high investment requirements. As such, many of these companies are looking to innovative new technologies to help optimize their AI/ML investments and/or launch AI/ML programs with limited resources.

Meet The Host

Darren Kaplan

Co-Founder & Board Member of HiQ Labs

Darren Kaplan is 2x Founder and recognized as one of the Top 20 Data Science Influencers in 2020. Darren is the co-creator of The Data Standard, the premier networking user-community for data-science, data engineers, and cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Meet The Guest

Connan Snider

Head of Data Science at Just Auto Insurance

Connan Snider is the Head of Data Science at Just Auto Insurance. Prior to joining Just, he worked on the Marketplace team at Uber developing pricing and incentive algorithms and contributing to projects ranging from marketing spend optimization to autonomous fleet planning. Before that he was an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at UCLA. Connan has a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Ohio State University and a PhD in Economics from the University of Minnesota.