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The Data Standard Audio Experience with Barr Moses from Monte Carlo
Barr Moses, Co-Founder & CEO at Monte Carlo joins The Data Standard to talk about problems with data downtime.

Episode Summary

Barr Moses is the Co-founder & CEO of Monte Carlo, a company on a mission to accelerate the world’s adoption of data by improving data reliability and reducing data downtime. Prior to founding Monte Carlo, Barr built the customer data and analytics team at Gainsight, where she helped grow the company 10x in revenue. From a silent retreat to building a robust community of data leaders, Barr is setting an impressive example for aspiring founders.

Meet The Host

Catherine Tao

Data scientist at The Data Standard

Catherine Tao is a tech enthusiast looking for new methods for building connections with businesses around the world. Her extensive knowledge of data science allowed her to develop new solutions and implement them into existing ecosystems. She is currently working as a Data scientist and Exclusive Podcast Producer at The Data Standard.

Meet The Guest

Barr Moses

Co-Founder & CEO at Monte Carlo

Barr Moses is an entrepreneur and former Vice President at Gainsight, a startup enabling companies to leverage customer data to drive business outcomes. At Gainsight, she helped grow the company 10x in revenue and built the customer data and analytics team. Prior, Barr was a management consultant at Bain & Company and worked at the Statistics Department at Stanford. She also served in the Israeli Air Force as a commander of an intelligence data analyst unit. Barr graduated from Stanford with a B.Sc. in Mathematical and Computational Science.