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Women in tech? with Annie Hedgpeth at HashiCorp
Annie Hedgpeth, Test Infrastructure Engineer at HashiCorp, joins The Data Standard to talk about her journey through tech, women in tech.

Episode Summary

With the growing demand for developers, the IT industry is tasked with bringing more workers into the field. Stereotypes and ignorance are a major blocker to this initiative. Annie speaks about her journey into technology (from a background in film and art) by learning the InSpec framework, and how she attained the skills necessary to become a cloud automation engineer. Annies aim is always to make the right thing to do the easy thing to do

Meet The Host

Laura Edell

Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft

Also known as Annielytics, Laura is a Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft, focusing on the fields of AI strategy and sustainability, societal impacts, and workforce scaling. As an award-winning data scientist, shes recognized as a leader in ML and BI, handling projects that help society.

Meet The Guest

Annie Hedgpeth

Test Infrastructure Engineer at HashiCorp

Annie Hedgpeth is a Test Infrastructure Engineer at HashiCorp, and is busy bringing building automation that runs tests and manages infrastructure, creating tools, scripts and frameworks that enable developers to write tests themselves with the goal of helping to increase quality and reduce the risk of releasing software through automation, and enabling developers to better understand our systems scalability and performance characteristics at a deeper level. Annie has long been a fan and proponent of InSpec, seeking to prove its accessibility to non-developers. She blogs about InSpec and other DevOps topics at