The Data Standard

Annielytics Podcast with Host Laura Edell, Chief Data Scientist, Microsoft
Host Laura Edell speaks with Genevieve Graves, PhD and Founder of EyeO about Women In Tech and Curry Combing to get data / insights during a conversation.

Episode Summary

The topic of women in tech has been receiving a lot of attention lately. While many divulge into the obstacles that women typically encounter in STEM fields, Laura Edell and Genevieve Graves focus on what it takes to overcome them.  It’s a well-known fact that women in tech have a more difficult time breaking through and establishing themselves as leaders in their fields. Laura and Genevieve, two accomplished data scientists, use this episode of The Data Standard to discuss some of the challenges they faced at the beginnings of their careers. Going over their encounters with the Imposter Syndrome, feelings of inferiority, and lack of confidence, the two discuss what it took for them to accept the true worth of their skills and talents.  In this episode, you’ll hear more about their inner fights and how they learned to follow their own paths instead of doing what others were expecting of them. Touching upon the topics of AI bias and fairness and the importance of unbiased data, you’ll learn more about how challenging and exciting the world of data science can be.  So, tune in with Laura and Genevieve as they talk about their careers, women in tech, and inspiring young kids to pursue STEM fields. 

Meet The Host

Laura Edell

Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft

Also known as Annielytics, Laura is a Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft, focusing on the fields of AI strategy and sustainability, societal impacts, and workforce scaling. As an award-winning data scientist, she’s recognized as a leader in ML and BI, handling projects that help society.

Meet The Guest

Genevieve Graves

Founding Partner, CEO, Data Scientist at Eye0, Inc.

Genevieve started out as an astrophysical data scientist but moved on to co-found hiQ labs, which focuses on people analytics. Currently, she’s a data science consultant at Eye0 and specializes in project development.