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The commitment to responsible AI with Anand Rao
Anand Rao, Global Artificial Intelligence Lead at PwC TDS to discuss the commitment to responsible AI.

Episode Summary

As the Global Artificial Intelligence Lead and innovation lead within PwC’s Emerging Technology practice, Dr. Anand S. Rao is responsible for research and commercial relationships with academic institutions and start-ups, research, development, and commercialization of innovative AI, big data, and analytic techniques. With over 35 years of industry and consulting experience, he leads a team of practitioners who advise C-level executives and implement advanced analytics and AI-based solutions on a variety of strategic, operational, and ethical use cases. Drawing from his Ph.D. and research career in AI, as well as his subsequent experience in management consulting, Anand sits down with TDS to discuss the commitment to responsible ai.

Meet The Host

Shayna Weldon

Podcast Host at The Data Standard

I aspire to broadcast content that carries my curiosity for the world and captivates an audience. I was driven to engineering by my passion for problem-solving, but I realized that while I enjoy the challenge of analytical work, I belong in an industry focused on relationships. I want to connect industry leaders, teachers, and athletes that make our world so unique and present their insight to the public. I have a natural inclination to reach out to people and hear their stories and I will exploit this desire for the rest of my life.

Meet The Guest

Anand Rao

Global Artificial Intelligence Lead at PwC

I am a Partner in PwC Advisory, with over 32 years of experience in industry and in research. I lead our Artificial Intelligence efforts globally and am the Innovation Lead for the Emerging Technology Group. I am responsible for a team of practitioners who work with C-level executives, advising them on a range of topics including global growth strategies, marketing, sales, distribution and digital strategies, behavioral economics and customer experience, risk management and statistical and computational analytics. My experience spans primarily financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and healthcare. I have lived and worked at clients in Asia, Australia, Europe and Americas.