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Talent analytics with Karl Honerlaw
Karl Honerlaw, Assistant Director, Data Science at Liberty Mutual Insurance sits down with TDS to discuss Talent analytics.

Episode Summary

Insurance organizations have recently been navigating a number of talent shifts in a short amount of time. Organizations that did not previously have remote work strategies in place have had to quickly implement programs and launch new technologies to ensure business continuity in a virtual environment. For some companies, employees are continuing to work remotely, while others are seeing their workforces return to the office at a measured pace. Recruiting is being done in a primarily virtual environment and company culture is being redefined. As insurance organizations work to understand the short- and long-term impact of the evolving state of business on their teams, data and analytics can provide the insights necessary for navigating next steps and making informed talent decisions.

People analytics is at the crux of modern workforce management. Human resources departments operate as a strategic function, collecting workforce data and analyzing it in order to improve the performance of their business and influence their decisions and paths forward. Through data and analytics, HR teams can predict future workforce needs, identify flight risks, track career development progress, understand productivity trends and determine employee engagement levels, among many other metrics.

Karl Honerlaw, Assistant Director, Data Science at Liberty Mutual Insurance, sits down with TDS to discuss Talent analytics.

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Meet The Guest

Karl Honerlaw

Assistant Director, Data Science at Liberty Mutual Insurance

I am an experienced data scientist with talent analytics functional knowledge working for a leading property and casualty insurer. My primary interests include predictive modeling and machine learning, but I am also comfortable conducting exploratory analysis, producing data visualizations and dashboards, and working with partners and stakeholders to manage complex projects. I enjoy coding; I primarily working in Python but also fluent in R. I look for opportunities to share knowledge across the team and help others build their skills. I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Business Analytics and Marketing from Babson College. If you are interested in connecting, please send me a message and I will try to reply promptly.