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Importance of data processing with Kate McKenzie
Kate McKenzie, Senior Data Scientist at Rebellion Defense, sits down with TDS to discuss the importance of data processing.

Episode Summary

We live in an information-centric world, those who have the information have the power. And while it may seem advantageous to constantly have your finger on the pulse of data flowing about your business and the industry, it quickly becomes a challenge to make something out of all those numbers and figures.

This is where data processing comes in: the capacity to research, collect, visualize and manipulate information to extract something useful from them. Control and understanding of large amounts of data is crucial to the success of a business, and data processing can help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself easier.

But how exactly can data processing help a business?

In this episode, guest Kate McKenzie sits down with TDS to discuss the importance of data processing

Meet The Host

John Zhang

Podcast Host/Data Scientist at The Data Standard

Data Scientist at The Data Standard. | Data Science Graduate Student at Northwestern University

Meet The Guest

Kate McKenzie

Senior Data Scientist at Rebellion Defense

Talented and innovative data scientist with experience supporting artificial intelligence and geospatial projects. Skilled in project management, with knowledge of industry best practices in data science and in support of the Defense & Space Industry. Experienced in tackling big data, forging new paths in technical strategy, and collaborating with executive leadership to achieve results.