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How to bring ML data into practice with Pierce Freeman
Pierce Freeman, Sr. Director Machine Learning at Globality sits down with TDS to discuss ways of bringing ML data into practice.

Episode Summary

From chatbots, personalized recommendations on social media, traffic predictions, and virtual personal assistants including Siri and Alexa, advances in machine learning are becoming an integral tool that helps individuals navigate the modern world. Increased adoption of such technology across the world has driven massive growth in the volume of data, requiring businesses to harness the power of machine learning to make decisions, learn about and predict customer behavior to drive strategic advantage.

Combining the fields of engineering, statistics, mathematics, and computing, machine learning is one of the leading data science methodologies revolutionizing business. This course will cover a wide range of machine learning methods, both model-based and algorithmic.

In this episode, guest Pierce Freeman sits down with TDS to discuss ways of bringing ML data into practice.

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Shayna Weldon

Podcast Host at The Data Standard

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Meet The Guest

Pierce Freeman

Sr. Director Machine Learning at Globality

Sr. Director of Machine Learning at Globality, Stanford Alumnus. Writes at the intersection of AI, Design, Technology, and Economics.