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Federated Learning with Philomena Lamoureux
Philomena Lamoureux, former Head of AI at, sits down with TDS to discuss federated learning.

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Data Standard Podcast Experience, Philomena Lamoureux discusses Federated Learning and how it is impacting the technology sector in many different ways.  She was formerly the Head of AI at and currently is a Data Science Manager at ResMed.  She has a strong background in federated learning systems and 10+ years of expert experience in computational modeling. 

During Philomena’s PhD, she had a specialization in machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence solutions.  She has a passion for data science and hopes to grow the data science community with her organization titled AI Paths.  Her organization helps to bridge the gap between aspiring data scientists and industry related projects.

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Meet The Host

Josh Odmark

Guest Podcast Host at Pandio

I am the CTO and co-founder of Pandio, a SaaS startup based in San Diego. We focus on data cloud solution products using Apache Pulsar. I have an expertise in data science, distributed systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, leadership, project management and much more.

Meet The Guest

Philomena Lamoureux

Former Head of AI at

Philomena Lamoureux is currently a Data Science Manager at ResMed and the former Head of AI at She has extensive experience in data science and hopes to continue connecting aspiring data scientists to industry related projects. Outside of work she is the founder and CEO of AI Paths which strives in helping the next generation of data scientists as well as individuals making a career transition.