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Ethicality in healthcare data with Eugene Day
Eugene Day, Data Science Manager at Seattle Children’s, sits down with TDS to discuss ethicality in healthcare data.

Episode Summary

There is little debate about the importance of ethics in health care, and clearly defined rules, regulations, and oaths help ensure patients’ trust in the care they receive. However, standards are not as well established for the data professions within health care, even though the responsibility to treat patients in an ethical way extends to the data collected about them. Increasingly, data scientists, analysts, and engineers are becoming fiduciarily responsible for patient safety, treatment, and outcomes, and will require training and tools to meet this responsibility. Healthcare privacy is a central ethical concern involving the use of big data in healthcare, with vast amounts of personal information widely accessible electronically. In this episode, guest Eugene Day sits down with TDS to discuss his work in the healthcare data field, as well as some research Seattle Children’s Hospital, has done surrounding biases and ethicality within healthcare data.

Meet The Host

Darren Kaplan

Co-Founder & Board Member of HiQ Labs

Darren Kaplan is 2x Founder and recognized as one of the Top 20 Data Science Influencers in 2020. Darren is the co-creator of The Data Standard, the premier networking user-community for data-science, data engineers, and cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Meet The Guest

Eugene Day

Data Science Manager at Seattle Children's

Twenty years of experience leading rigorous, practical operational solutions to health care access, flow, analysis, and delivery problems. Specializing in data science, clinical analytics, and operations management, I lead teams to improve healthcare delivery while dramatically lowering costs. With more than 25 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, and 20+ conference presentations and posters, I am an established leader in the field of health care improvement.