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Data Standard Audio Experience Alison McCauley Talks Blockchain
Host Daren Kaplan sits down with Alison to talk about Blockchain.

Episode Summary

In today’s episode of The Data Standard, Daren Kaplan speaks with Alison McCauley about blockchain technology. Alison is a social scientist, and she helps us understand how new technologies impact humans and vice versa.

Alison talks about the origins of blockchain, how new technologies impact our everyday life, and how important it is to understand the latest technology. She explains how blockchain technology is often confused with cryptocurrencies even by company CEOs and directors.

She says that blockchain technology is going to add value to the existing infrastructure. It will lead to an entirely new ecosystem where companies collaborate in new ways based on trust. It shows the potential to change the business ecosystem forever, even though it’s still in the early stages of development.

As the technology improves, new problems are exposed along the way, so companies and researchers have to face issues and fix them to prevent more significant issues in the future. The world is at a crossroads, and Alison talks about how blockchain technologies can be used for good and bad things, like any other available tool.

Blockchain will establish a new infrastructure where businesses rely on each other to create a better environment and share information directly without any middlemen.

Meet The Host

Darren Kaplan

Co-Founder & Board Member of HiQ Labs

Darren Kaplan is 2x Founder and recognized as one of the Top 20 Data Science Influencers in 2020. Darren is the co-creator of The Data Standard, the premier networking user-community for data-science, data engineers, and cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Meet The Guest

Alison McCauley

Founder | Author | Speaker | Emerging Tech

A social scientist by training, Alison spent her career studying the intersection of human behavior + emerging tech, with 20 years consulting to startups + Fortune-1000 companies. She works at the forefront of tech, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, robotics, data science, and blockchains.