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Data models with Sean Gupta
Sean Gupta, Data Science Consultant at Chambers and Partners sits down with TDS to discuss data models.

Episode Summary

Data comes in many forms, all of it messy. Whether we’re talking about missing data, unstructured data, or data that lacks regular structure, you need methods to cleanse data before you can process it to improve its quality.

In this episode, guest Sean Gupta sits down with TDS to discuss data models, risk assessment, and machine learning role in the healthcare industry. Sean also discussed why machine learning predictions based on criminal history perform better than models based on DASH features.

Meet The Host

Shayna Weldon

Podcast Host at The Data Standard

I aspire to broadcast content that carries my curiosity for the world and captivates an audience. I was driven to engineering by my passion for problem-solving, but I realized that while I enjoy the challenge of analytical work, I belong in an industry focused on relationships. I want to connect industry leaders, teachers, and athletes that make our world so unique and present their insight to the public. I have a natural inclination to reach out to people and hear their stories and I will exploit this desire for the rest of my life.

Meet The Guest

Sean Gupta

Data Science Consultant at Chambers and Partners

Experienced data science and machine learning consultant with a keen interest in delivering real-word commercial research and product solutions. Particular expertise in statistics, deep learning and natural language processing (NLP).