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Data in the telematics industry with Sajeewa Dayaratne
Sajeewa Dayaratne,VP of Engineering at Coretex, sits down with guest host Ash Malgaonkar to discuss data in the telematics industry.

Episode Summary

Telematics has been widely adopted in a wide variety of industries since the turn of the millennium and has provided businesses with previously unobtainable information into both vehicle and driver performance. This has drastically simplified fleet management processes and enabled significant improvements in efficiency and productivity. Vehicles are more than transportation: they’re now smart mobile devices generating large volumes of telematics data.

In this episode, guest Sajeewa Dayaratne sits down with guest host Ash Malgaonkar to discuss Data in the telematics industry.

Coretex is a complete telematics solution provider that supplies world-class fleet management and business intelligence technology, enabling transport operators to optimize the core of their business in real-time. The company’s enterprise IoT platform delivers cloud-based software and in-vehicle sensor technology. Coretex believes that technology should be used to create a safer, greener, and more productive society.

Meet The Host

Ash Malgaonkar

Podcast Host at The Data Standard

Proven "gets results" expertise at leadership as a US Army Officer as well as a Private Sector Data Science Professional.

Meet The Guest

Sajeewa Dayaratne

VP of Engineering at Coretex

As an experienced technology leader with a firm grounding in hands-on Software Engineering, I’m able to effectively lead teams of diverse software professionals. With an exemplary passion for technology and an ability to easily navigate the ever-changing IT landscape, I’m able to build and grow effective software engineering teams around varying technologies and skillsets.