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Data in Libraries and Museums with Catherine Devine at Microsoft
Host Laura Edell speaks with Catherine Devine, Microsofts Worldwide Education Business Strategy Leader.

Episode Summary

Host Laura Edell speaks with CathIn this episode of The Data Standard, our host Laura Edell interviews Catherine Devine, an expert at Microsofts Worldwide Education Business Strategy Leader, about womens role in technology and the significance of Libraries and Museums.

Catherine talks about the importance of libraries and museums and their role in education and molding professionals. She says that libraries play a significant role in helping people understand modern technologies. Libraries today offer a modern experience where people can learn the skills needed to apply for better jobs and keep up with the latest technology trends.
Catherine talks about the increasing need to digitize all history books and turn physical copies into easily-reachable digital format.

The first problem is to find a way to help people understand modern technologies such as AI. The second problem is the pursuit of perfection, which gets in the way of using modern technologies. She talks about creating a platform everyone can use on new rules rather than the traditional methods that are completely outdated.

The last topic talks about the so-called imposter syndrome and how easy women become victims of thinking that they cant achieve things they are more capable of achieving. Catherine talks about her own experience and how it took years of self-analysis and dedication to face new technologies and advance as a professional.
erine Devine, Microsofts Worldwide Education Business Strategy Leader. In this podcast episode, they talk about Women in Technology and the significance of Libraries and Museums.

Meet The Host

Laura Edell

Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft

Also known as Annielytics, Laura is a Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft, focusing on the fields of AI strategy and sustainability, societal impacts, and workforce scaling. As an award-winning data scientist, shes recognized as a leader in ML and BI, handling projects that help society.

Meet The Guest

Catherine Devine

Microsoft Worldwide Education: Business Strategy Leader Libraries & Museums

Australian ex-pat with dual Australian/US citizenship. Extensive technology and digital career within finance, internet, e-commerce, and Museum spaces in staff and consulting roles. Currently responsible for the digital transformation of the American Museum of Natural History experience onsite and online, including digital strategy, experience, insights and analytics, search, architecture, and execution of key strategic enterprise digital projects.