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Cloud Data Warehousing with Mark Cusack
Mark Cusack, Chief Technology Officer at Yellowbrick Data, sits down with TDS to discuss cloud Data Warehousing.

Episode Summary

In this episode, guest Mark Cusack sits down with TDS to discuss cloud Data Warehousing. Yellowbrick Data is a 7-year-old startup that continues to grow in the highly competitive cloud data warehouse market. Yellowbrick recently raised $75 million in its latest round of capital funding as it expands into a variety of industries, including telecom, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Yellowbrick describes itself as a cloud-native data warehouse.  It is available for deployment on-premises and in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Key topics from the interview include:

  • What makes a database or data warehouse cloud-native? APIs, open-source, storage tiers,  networking. How does Yellowbrick define it?
  • One of the key things with cloud-native data warehouses is the separation of storage and compute. It gives you scalable storage and dynamic compute resources.
  • Not all approaches to storage/computing are the same. Yellowbrick has published a white paper that defines six different levels of storage/compute separation.
  • There are performance and workload advantages, but also important considerations around cost.

Meet The Host

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Meet The Guest

Mark Cusack

Chief Technology Officer at Yellowbrick Data

Mark Cusack is the CTO at Yellowbrick Data, which offers a high-performance MPP data warehouse for the hybrid cloud. Prior to joining Yellowbrick, Cusack was vice president for data and analytics at Teradata, with lead product management responsibility for the data warehouse and machine learning portfolio. Cusack holds a Ph.D. in computational physics from the University of Newcastle, UK.