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Clinical trial software with Tom Doyle
Tom Doyle, SVP, R&D at Medidata Solutions, sits down with TDS to discuss working with clinical trial software in medical data.

Episode Summary

In this episode, guest Tom Doyle sits down with TDS to discuss working with clinical trial software in medical data.

Meet The Host

Catherine Tao

Data scientist at The Data Standard

Catherine Tao is a tech enthusiast looking for new methods for building connections with businesses around the world. Her extensive knowledge of data science allowed her to develop new solutions and implement them into existing ecosystems. She is currently working as a Data scientist and Exclusive Podcast Producer at The Data Standard.

Meet The Guest

Tom Doyle

SVP, R&D at Medidata Solutions

Tom is a recognized technology and innovations leader with over 18 years of experience across the pharmaceutical value chain. He has focused on the intersection of technology and life sciences to accelerate clinical development, optimize the supply chain, and effectively bring novel therapies to market. Prior to joining Medidata, Tom led the Data Science practice for one of the world’s largest life sciences companies. He led the exploration and development of cutting-edge ML and NLP-based solutions in areas such as clinical trial feasibility, disease prediction, sales force effectiveness, and patient persistence. He has held technology and analytics leadership roles in R&D, Commercial, and Supply Chain for major pharmaceutical companies. Tom has a degree in Math and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and has focused his career on technology in the life sciences sector.