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Annielytics Podcast with Host Laura Edell, Chief Data Scientist, Microsoft, and Guest Alisha Arora
Host Laura Edell speaks with Alisha Arora, a high school student and Founder of The HopeSisters, about her journey in tech, imposter syndrome and Her project that shes been working on.

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I speak to Alisha Arora, a young woman, who is on a mission to leverage exponential technology to solve some of the world’s largest problems. Alisha is an advocate and activator for mental health and is currently researching at MIT’s AI lab to diagnose and prevent suicide with machine learning. Alisha represents the future of STEM and so today in this inspiring episode Alisha will share her work, ambitions, and experiences working in STEM.

Meet The Host

Laura Edell

Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft

Also known as Annielytics, Laura is a Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft, focusing on the fields of AI strategy and sustainability, societal impacts, and workforce scaling. As an award-winning data scientist, she’s recognized as a leader in ML and BI, handling projects that help society.

Meet The Guest

Alisha Arora

Founder of The HopeSisters | Research Assistant

I'm Alisha Arora, a 14-year-old Machine Learning Developer, Women's Health Advocate, and philanthropist. I am currently working on leveraging machine learning to diagnose mental health disorders. I'm also the Co-Founder of The HopeSisters which is a non-profit organization founded by my sister and I where we strive to spread hope to vulnerable people. My mission: to help solve the world's biggest problems using emerging technologies. Innovating technologies to disrupt industries including, education, healthcare & space exploration. Check out my website: