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The Data Standard Audio Experience with NASA Data Scientist Olga Perera

Host Darren Kaplan sits down with NASA Data Scientist Olga Perera to talk about physics-based transfer learning.

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Data Standard, host Darren Kaplan talks about physics-based transfer learning with Olga Perera, a data scientist at NASA.

With it comes to space exploration, there’s limited access to data and the mission control center. Another challenge is unknown space factors, such as on Mars. Therefore, every space mission’s success greatly depends on smart technologies, such as AI and machine learning.

The development of a self-learning AI-powered system supported by physics-based transfer learning will solve those challenges. It will be able to process individually-collected data and learn from large data silos. It will be a self-evolving system that will be able to transfer knowledge to different, unknown physics parameters in space, such as gravity.

That wouldn’t be possible without cloud storage solutions. Cloud storage is critical for space exploration because it provides instant access to accurate data that supports the decision-making processes in space.

Tune in with Darren Kaplan and Olga Perera to find out more about physics-based transfer learning and how it will revolutionize space exploration.

Meet the Hosts


Darren Kaplan

Co-Founder & Board Member of HiQ Labs

Darren Kaplan is an HR communications strategist and data science influencer who helps businesses leverage data, AR, and cybersecurity. He’s the creator of The Data Standard, one of the top networking places for data-science enthusiasts.

Olga Perera

Data Scientist at NASA

Apart from being a data scientist at NASA, Olga Perera is also a data-science leader at Dynamic Dimensions Technologies that develops AI, machine learning, and blockchain solutions for government-based companies.

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