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The Data Standard Audio Experience with Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer, Cloudflare

Host Darren Kaplan talks with Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer, Cloudflare about data hacks and Cloudflare.TV.

Episode Summary

Reminiscing about what brought him to San Francisco, Joe Sullivan says he always believed the Bay Area could be the next Silicon Valley. It’s rich with people with an entrepreneurial spirit and different skill sets, so it’s very easy for an entrepreneur to put together a team.

As a security officer, what most excites him are security challenges and a company that prioritizes security. That’s what inspired him to join Cloudflare. He says: “When security becomes part of the bottom line, we see more commitment to security on an organizational level.”

Good security teams have a business continuity program, but very few of them think about it from a security standpoint. As always, the opportunistic bad guys are paying attention. 

That’s what happened with the recent Twitter hack. No one anticipated the pandemic and that everyone would be working from home. Working from a remote location means many devices that aren’t updated are suddenly accessing company networks. Security teams need to hit “pause” and reassess their environment.

Be sure to tune in and listen to the entire episode, as Joe Sullivan talks more about cybersecurity, as well as Cloudflare TV that provides a learning experience and helps teams connect.

Meet the Hosts


Darren Kaplan

Co-Founder & Board Member of HiQ Labs

Darren Kaplan is an HR communications strategist and data science influencer who helps businesses leverage data, AR, and cybersecurity. He’s the creator of The Data Standard, one of the top networking places for data-science enthusiasts.

Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan

Chief Security Officer at Cloudflare, Inc.

Joe Sullivan is a cybersecurity expert and thought leader who constantly drives innovation. He is passionate about building a better internet with safer opportunities for everyone.

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