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Trucking technology with Andy Hedrick
Andy Hedrick, CEO of Trucking Tower sits down with TDS to discuss trucking technology.

Episode Summary

In this episode, guest Andy Hendrick sits down with TDS to discuss trucking technology, the evolution of transportation management systems, what they’re good for, where gaps exist, and some thoughts on where they’re headed in the years to come. With 25 years in the supply chain and over 14 of those years in trucking technology working with hundreds of companies, Andy lives and breathes the transportation industry. Andy has been a featured speaker at numerous supply chain conferences, and has provided insights and thought leadership for leading trucking and supply chain publications based on those hands-on implementation experiences around the globe.

Meet The Host

Darren Kaplan

Co-Founder & Board Member of HiQ Labs

Darren Kaplan is 2x Founder and recognized as one of the Top 20 Data Science Influencers in 2020. Darren is the co-creator of The Data Standard, the premier networking user-community for data-science, data engineers, and cybersecurity enthusiasts.

Meet The Guest

Andy Hedrick

CEO of Trucking Tower

Before founding Trucking Tower, Andy Hedrick worked for technology and consulting companies to sell and implement hundreds of projects with companies spanning Asia, Europe, and North America. That hands-on implementation experience, coupled with the need to generate more revenue at the most effective price led Andy to search out the most effective solutions and to partner with other technology companies to drive better results. Andy has helped companies achieve these kinds of results: ☑ increased annual sales revenue by 51% during COVID-19 ☑ led 2 distribution center startups in Asia ☑ served as project leader to launch a centralized distribution center in the UK ☑ designed and implemented over 20 distribution centers including warehouses, kitting and offices ☑ grew sales pipeline by 10X in 6 months ☑ led the system integration work and marketing with over 20 partner solutions ☑ reduced client operating costs by over $3M per year ☑ implemented trucking technology and trained 35 distribution centers across the US ☑ led over $175M in contract negotiations