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In Case You Missed It

Challenges Facing Data Science in 2020 and Four Ways to Address Them Finding value in data, integrating open source software, a small talent pool, and ethical concerns around data were found to be trouble areas in a new state of data science report. Read more.

Mathematical Principle Helps to Unearth Unethical Choices Of AI To navigate the moral minefield, an international team of researchers has put forward a mathematical principle that could help businesses to seek out the questionable strategies their AI systems may be adopting. Read more.

Why Infusing AI into IT Operations Is More About the Data Than About AI Itself AIOps solutions can help solve this problem. A good AIOps solution should be able to ingest data from multiple sources, eliminate noise, co-relate the event sequences, and produce actionable insights based on a combination of historic and real time data. Read more.

Will AutoML Be the End of Data Scientists? The biggest shortcoming of AutoML is that it has no business intuition. AutoML will get you to a production-ready model more quickly, but it won’t tell you why to use ML or what the business justification is, let alone select a justifiable problem to try to solve out of the host of opportunities available. Read more.

A tuition break, half-empty campuses and home-testing kits: More top colleges announce fall plans Princeton University announced Monday it will cut tuition 10 percent in the coming school year and bring no more than half its undergraduates to the campus in New Jersey, an extraordinary acknowledgment of how the coronavirus pandemic has hobbled the operations of a school that aims to provide education through experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Read more.

The Data Standard Podcast: Zoom, Hangouts and Teams End to End Encryption and Why It Is a Big Deal

As many of around the world work from home, video collaboration tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams are the new normal. What is the business impact of end-to-end encryption and why does it matter? In this episode, host Darren Kaplan sits down with Cyber Security Data Scientist and Author Charles Givre to talk about End-to-End encryption and the new Rest API tool he is building for the enterprise. For more information about his tool check out his video.

Live Conversation & Networking for Data Scientists on July 15

Alison McCauley, CEO and Founder of Unblocked Future, Blockchain strategist and best-selling author will share her insights about Blockchain and how it will impact business. McCauley’s session will be followed by a data bias peer review. Attendees ask questions and network with one another.

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